Jesus’ model of love and leadership – this week at ELC

JOhn 13b

The most powerful man in the room, the one worthy of most honor, takes a bowl and towel, and does servant’s work.  How do we use our lives to serve as Jesus served us?

Worship this week: 

Saturday at 5:00 p.m. in the chapel

Sunday at 8:30 a.m.  Traditional Worship

9:30 a.m. Sunday School, Adult Bible Study and Fellowship

10:30 a.m. Contemporary Worship

Devotions for this week:  Jesus Washes Feet, John 13:1-17
SHARE:   What was a high point of your day? What was a low point?

 READ: Read the following daily readings to deepen your understanding

Sunday, John 13:1-17, Jesus Washes Feet

Monday, John 7:53-8:11, The Woman Caught in Adultery

Tuesday, John 8:12-20, Jesus the Light of the World

Wednesday, John 8:21-30, Jesus Foretells His Death

Thursday, John 8:31-38, True Disciples

Friday, John 8:39-59, Jesus and Abraham

Saturday, John 10:19-42, Jesus Is Rejected by the Jews

TALK:  Consider some of these ideas:

Peter said to him, “You will never wash my feet.” Jesus answered, “Unless I wash you, you have no share with me.” (John 13:8)

 He’s been their teacher, their leader and Lord for years, and now they share one final evening together. How will he bid them farewell? If you were expecting one last miracle or show of power, think again. In baptism, we die to the old self to be born anew.

  • How have you fallen into a role within your household or work environment?
  • Was your role intentional or did you fall into it unintentionally?
  • Wonder: What does it feel like to have someone wash your feet? Is it an intimate experience? Do you feel vulnerable?

 PRAY: Almighty God, you took on the role of a servant when you gave everything for our sake. Teach us to humble ourselves for the honorable work of serving others. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

 BLESS:  May God reverse your role. Amen.


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