ELC Staff

Rev. John Twiton, Pastor, Extension 103  john.twiton@elcmthoreb.org
Brenda Martin,  Youth Ministries Director, Extension 102  brenda.martin@elcmthoreb.org
Vicar Jason Xiong, Pastoral Intern, Extension 115  jason.xiong@elcmthoreb.org

Pastor John can be reached at 608-437-7091 if your need is urgent, otherwise, please use the contact information listed above.

Kathy O’Donnell, Office Manager
Carol Engstad, Office Assistant

Amy Kellesvig, Director – Agape Christian Preschool, (608) 437-7100

Brian Johnson, Custodian

Diane Dangerfield, Organist & Sr. Choir Director
Pat Doty, Praise Team Leader
Barb Underwood, Jr. Choir Director
Kristin Willcutt, Bell Choir Director
Ruth Heinecke, Organist/Accompanist

2018-19 Church Council

All Council Members have a mailbox in the church office.  You are invited to leave correspondence there for them.  Please respect the workplaces of these dedicated volunteers by conducting church business through emails or by calling the church office to leave messages for them.

 Council Members Term E-mail Address
Diane Bartz, Property Team Liaison 2020 barbaradbartz@gmail.com
Sandy Glaeve, Stewardship Team Liaison 2020 sglaeve@msn.com
Jeff Hook, President, Mutual Ministry Team Liaison 2019 jeffhook@mhtc.net
Katie Zelle, Children & Youth Minsitry Liaison 2020 kathrynzelle@gmail.com
Steve Hall, Treasurer 2020 hall@urology.wisc.edu
Bruce Meister, Vice-President, Technology 2020 spgbam@mhtc.net
Ellie Berg, Agape Preschool Liaison 2019 ellie.berg@me.com
Julie Schnitz, Inreach/Outreach Liaison 2019 zanderjul@mhtc.net
Ben Brothers, Social Action Liaison 2019 ben.brothers@gmail.com
Suzi Grundahl, Spiritual Growth & Fellowship Liaison  2019 grundahl@mhtc.net
Steve Steinl, Personnel Liaison 2019 sksteinl@mhtc.net
Becky Strube, Worship & Music Team Liaison 2020 rebeccastrube@gmail.com
Rev. John Twiton, Pastor Staff john.twiton@elcmthoreb.org
Vicar Jason Xiong, Intern (Non-voting Member) Staff jason.xiong@elcmthoreb.org