The Benevolence Program began in 2013 as a vehicle to connect our generous and social justice-minded ELC congregation with deserving charities in our community, region, and world.

Every month, we introduce a different organization, explain its function and value, and collect donations to support that group’s efforts.

In addition to our revolving set of missions, we donate 10% of each month’s offering to our sister church in Puerto Rico, Divine Savior in Catano.

All monies go directly to those causes.

Want to assist with the Benevolence Program? Join the Social Action Ministry Team! Help ELC serve our area, our country, and the world. Email

Click below for details on this month’s emphasis:

August 2016 flyer


JANUARY ($661): Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. With all of the tumult in the world, we will support people displaced by violence, persecution, and economic hardship.

FEBRUARY ($991): Compassion International. We will continue support for our two children through a program that incorporates educational, emotional, and spiritual growth.

MARCH ($543): ELC youth programming. These funds will be allocated for the most pressing use based on congregational need, including camperships, VBS, and our summer youth missions.

APRIL ($727): MALC / Dane County Jail Ministry. Through the Madison Area Lutheran Council, Rev. Julia Weaver and her team address the spiritual needs of incarcerated people and the sheriff’s deputies that manage them.

MAY ($740): Living Water International and ELCA World Hunger’s latrines. A pursuit to provide clean drinking water through drilling of community wells and establishment of efficient sanitation.

JUNE ($475): Human trafficking. A multitude of organizations worldwide, including ELCA’s Cherish All Children, has recognized the predominance of this practice and aims to stop it.

JULY ($810): Union Cemetery. This community resource serves many of the village’s churches without governmental support. We raised funds to aid with the purchase of a new mower.

AUGUST: Through SABA, International, we aid The Nest Children’s Home, New Dawn Orphan-age, and Bethel Outreach Children’s Center in Kenya.

SEPTEMBER: Lutheran Campus Ministry. We’ll support the vibrant and crucial church ministries at the University of Wisconsin, UW-Platteville and UW-Whitewater.

OCTOBER: Synod mission. This donation, toward a cause yet to be determined, will coincide with the Bishop’s Convocation.

NOVEMBER: Diviño Salvador. Donations will support the ministry of our Lutheran brothers and sis-ters in Cataño, Puerto Rico, who have been so gracious for our contributions to date.

DECEMBER: YAGM (Young Adults in Global Mission) and Lutheran Volunteer Corps. These year-long programs provide ways for young adults to serve the church internationally or within the U.S.

BONUS: We’ll reinvest repaid microloans through KIVA to small businesses worldwide.

  • Monthly Benevolence presentation will be the second Sunday of each month during each service. Offerings can be made throughout the month. The funds will be sent to the organization at the end of each month.
  • 100% of all collected funds will go toward the Benevolence Program.
  • 10% of each month’s collection will go to our sister church, Divine Savior in Cataño, Puerto Rico; the balance will go to the monthly organizations. The funds will be set aside monthly but paid to the sister church annually. If there are two organizations in one month, the remaining 90% of the funds will be split evenly.



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