ELC’s confirmation ministry seeks to utilize learning, service, and fellowship to nurture the faith of young people in preparation for their Affirmation of Baptism on Confirmation Day.

Wednesday gatherings are held throughout the 7th and 8th grade years where we meet as both a large group and also in small groups to consider the basics of the faith as we find them in Luther’s Small Catechism — The Ten Commandments, The Apostles’ Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, and the Sacraments, as well as addressing current topics in faith and life.

Mark your calendars: Confirmation Camp at Sugar Creek Bible Camp will be taking place one of the last 2 weeks in July 2019 ! Register online at Sugar Creek Bible Camp Registration

If you are interested in enrolling in confirmation, please fill out a registration form, found here and in the office. If you have questions, please let Pastor John, Pastoral Intern Jason or myself know.  You do not need to be a member of ELC to enroll in confirmation.

Confirmation Registration 2018 19

The Rite of Confirmation (Confirmation Day) is celebrated on Reformation Sunday of the student’s 9th grade year.

Preparing for Confirmation Day
If you will be confirmed this fall, be sure you’ve selected your Bible verse, created a Faith Statement, and are ready to fulfill your Baptismal Promises.  Need reminders on what to do?  Here’s the handout to help you:  Preparing for Confirmation Day 2018

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